Welcome Back to the Art Studio!
Mrs. Bell
Welcome to Art

The Art Studio…2019-2020

We have settled in nicely on the first floor, and the students are learning how to create in a relaxed and positive atmosphere.

This month, the younger grades will create watercolors based on Mary our Mother and the rosary. The middle grades will make Seneca-themed white deer from cut paper, and blue herons in watercolor. The older grades will make perspective landscapes and Victorian houses from chalk. By the end of the month, everyone will have made something fun for Halloween.

I will be selecting work for the Barnes and Noble Art show in November. I have explained to the children that there is room for about 100 pieces, so that while some will be in that show, everyone will be in the Spring Seton art show.

I welcome any volunteers to the art room! Happy Autumn…




Class Schedule

8:10-8:50    5R

8:55-9:35    3M

9:40-10:20  4F

12:50-1:30  2M

1:30-2:10     KC


8:10-8:50      6

8:55-9:35      5T

9:40-10:20   4S

12:10-12:50  1F

1:00-1:30      PreK-K   

1:30-2:00      PreK-C


No Art Classes


No Art Classes