Mrs. Clarke
Welcome to kindergarten!

My goal as a teacher is to educate, motivate and to inspire each child that walks into my classroom. As a teacher, my main focus is always the children. Developing their passion for learning by using my enthusiasm to spark their curiosity and sculpt their minds to reach their full potential. I teach because I am able to touch so many different lives in so many different ways, emotionally and educationally.

Belief’s About Teaching and Learning
  • A classroom where mistakes are treated as opportunities for exploration.
  • A classroom where students are taught about different perspectives.
  • A classroom where there is a clear classroom management plan with clear positive expectations.
  • I believe it is important to have a positive atmosphere to allow children to feel as if they are a part of the learning process.
  • An emphasis on compassion and respect, with a can-do learning environment.
  • I believe in using differentiated instruction. Providing the students with more than one way of learning to understand that there is more than one way to find a solution.
  • I believe in building a positive student-teacher relationship.
  • I believe as a teacher you have the opportunity to challenge students and their abilities. In return, they can have different approaches to new things, and be able to use their critical thinking to solve matters in different ways.
  • I belief as a teacher I have the ability to demonstrate confidence and teaching children to have the same confidence

Morning Prayer
Good morning dear Jesus
This day is for you
So I ask you to bless
All I think, say, and do.

Dear God,
help me spend today with a smile on my face,
love in my heart
and joy in his grace, Amen

Snack Prayer
Thank you for the food in front of us,
the friends beside us,
and the love between us.

Lunch Prayer
God is great, God is good let us thank him for this food, by his hands we all are fed, give us Lord our daily bread.

Dismissal Prayer
We fold our hands and softly say
Thank you for our lovely day.