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Wednesday March 27th

March 27, 2019

March is starting to look like spring! The next few days are forecast to be lovely. However, our students might still need jackets during recess. Please help them to remember to come to school ready to play outside!
Our playground Committee has been busy gathering information for changes they are hoping to make. There is a flyer enclosed in this Brown/Green Envelope to give you an up-date. This is a great way for you to get involved and to meet other parents who love Seton as much as you do!

First grade held their annual Rain Forest Night and it was a hit! The children have been very busy learning all about the Rain Forest and the animals and plants that live there. They created their animals out of recyclable materials and made books with the research they collected. They measured, did calculations, and thought deeply about the impact we all have on the environment. Bravo for a job well done!

As you will recall, Operation Rice Bowl is one of our Lenten service projects. Monday we will ask all students to return their Rice Bowls to school. We will have our school “Counting Day” with the older students helping the younger students count their change on Friday! Before that, we will present the our efforts as our school’s offering during our MASS WITH BISHOP MATANO on Friday 4/5/19 at 8:30. We can’t wait to see for ourselves how much change we were able to collect for this important cause. Last year we raised over $2,000.00!

Plans are coming together for the 17th annual Seton Open. We are looking for volunteers to take on small pieces of the planning. If you would like to help out please contact the office. The tournament is scheduled for Friday, May 17 at Shadow Lake! Register to play golf or just join us for the dinner. Either way it’s a great time!

During the Lenten Season, our classes take the opportunity to visit church for both weekly mass and to experience the Stations of the Cross. They are inspiring in their approach to both. After mass yesterday, Fr. Tyman sent me this message: “This morning we celebrated Mass for the Annunciation. The kids were great! I said that today is March 25th and asked what we will be doing 9 months from now. The first student I called on said that we will be celebrating the birth of Jesus. Not only did he know that nine months from now is December 25th, but he didn’t say that we will be celebrating Christmas or opening our presents, rather he focused on the meaning–the birth of Jesus. When I asked how we can “give birth to Jesus” they talked about helping others and getting other people to help those in need; being kind; following Jesus’ example; and one little evangelist talked of spreading the word to others. They were impressive this morning.”

Next Friday, April 5th at 8:30, we will be celebrating mass with Bishop Matano! We are so fortunate to have him come for a visit. Please come join us if you can. Bishop Matano is a wonderful advocate for Catholic Schools and he never disappoints in his sermons to children. We will also be presenting our Rice Bowls as our offering. Hope to see you there!

Adelaide Matzky was awarded Mercy’s Emerging Leaders Scholarship in the Character category! She wrote her essay about her Little Library and community garden! Bravo Adelaide!


I am also sad to tell you that Mr. Clemenson is leaving us. He has accepted a position as a Recreation Program Leader at Livingston Correctional Facility. His last day will be Wednesday April 10th. We wish Mr. Clemenson the best of luck as he leaves. I have begun interviewing candidates and will up-date you when someone is hired.

This year the yearbook will be printed by a new company, Blossom. In going with this company there will be a few changes this year. One of those changes is the fact that we have to submit the proof to the company 5 weeks ahead of time.
If you are placing an ad (and we hope you do) either personal or for a business THE LAST DAY WE ARE ACCEPTING AD FORMS IS: APRIL 12.
The yearbook committee can design an ad for you, but wording and photo(s) must be received by April 12. Please contact Annette Weidmann with any

Are you a business owner? We would like to start a business directory to support our families. If you have a business and would like to have it promoted through a school directory and on our website, please send a business card into school.

Please try not to schedule appointments during New York State testing for ELA and Math. The dates are as follows:
• ELA Grades 3-6: Tues., April 2 Wed., April 3
• Math Grades 3-6: wed., May 1 –Thurs., May 2
Tests are given in the morning hours. Thank you for your cooperation.

We were very sad to hear that Mr. Rued’s father passed away this past Sunday. Mr. Rued has been at Seton for many years and our hearts are broken for him. Our children have all made him as a way of showing our love. The funeral is at St. Joe’s in Penfield on Friday.

Mar. 29 Spirit-wear day
Apr. 2-4 Gr 3-6 NYS ELA Assessments
Apr. 5 Mass with Bishop Matano @ OLOL 8:30am
Apr. 8 No School : Teacher PD Day
Apr. 12 No School: Teacher Scoring Day
Apr. 13-21 Spring Break
Apr. 21 Easter Sunday
Apr. 26 JA in a Day
May 1-2 Gr 3-6 NYS Math Assessment
May 31 Seton Golf Tournament

Please take note of these up-coming days off!
Monday Apr. 8 & Friday Apr. 12th are both no school days. These were designated by the diocese. Spring Break is Apr. 13-21. School resumes Monday Apr. 22nd.

JA in a Day is quickly coming up! It’s a great day for parents, grandparents and business professionals from our community to come to school and spend the day working with classes to foster work-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills, using experiential learning to inspire students to dream big and reach their potential. We are still in need of some volunteers! Please know volunteers are never left alone with the class. The teachers are always in the room to lend assistance and there is training before you even begin. If you or someone you know can come and spend the day with us it would be greatly appreciated! Please contact Katie Brzezinski at to volunteer.